Boavista: the last eastwards of ten islands, forged by the fire of ancient volcanoes in the boundless spread of Middle Atlantic, off the Senegalese coasts. A land of unique suggestions, crossroad of routes and cultures, dialogue of primary elements: the Sun, the wind, the ocean. The charm of the sandy desert of Viana, the horizon embracing the view from Mount Estância, the magic of the nesting of Caretta Caretta turtles: all this makes Boavista a place for the soul. Here, time slows down and makes room to well-being; here, pristine nature allows only moderate and conscious gestures to architecture. This is how we imagined Azul.


Tourism in Boavista is constantly growing. The distance and the great availability of uncontaminated spaces make the island a place for peace, well-being and safety. The privileged climate allows to take advantage of the island beauty all through the year, while an airport for international flights allows easy access to the island. Buying a real estate property in Boavista, however, does not only mean obtaining an exclusive retreat for yourself and your family, but represents an investment with a secure financial interest. The main features of Cabo Verde, for an investing tourist, are in fact the stability of the government and the high average rental income. The consolidated prevalence of Christian religion has always averted religious conflicts, as well. Furthermore, investors can count on Law #527/99 of the Italian Republic, aimed at facilitating commercial relations between Italy and Cabo Verde. The exchange of local currency with Euro is fixed and therefore does not generate risks of loss of value.


The project is driven by a group of investors, reporting to Boavista Real Estate, a consolidated company that boasts fifteen years of experience on the island: the company specializes in the acquisition of building land in excellent locations, dealing directly with the design, construction, and subsequent marketing of the properties. With the optional formula of the guaranteed annual annuity, investors will be able to charge Boavista Real Estate with the management of the property, which will be rented out over the year to guarantee the owners excellent profit margins.

Christian Grande Design Works studio has been charged of the architectural design. Active since 1992 in the fields of yacht design, industrial design and architecture, it bases its success on multidisciplinarity. The team constantly transposes the peculiar stimulus of one field into the others, building a transversal approach and strengthening their imaginative capacity. Specialists are able to provide a wide range of services, from creative direction to specific design tasks.

The construction company, Construções Oásis, is an experienced company, standing for years at a premium level in the hospitality and public works business. The works attest to the undeniable technical and human capacity of the company - also awarded internationally - making it an ideal partner for clients of outstanding importance. The foreign market is in fact one of the main objectives of the company for the next few years, with the awareness that the engineering area will take on a primary role in this context. Innovation, efficiency and profitability will be the keywords of this development, since the firm has always been operating with high end standards.


The building is located on the eastern edge of the town of Sal Rei, which in the urbanization plan will define the intersection between one of the main new roads and the road that connects Sal Rei with the international airport of Rabil. The location is strategic: 5 minutes walking from the exclusive beach of Estori, the same from the center of Sal Rei and only 6, by car, from the airport. The powerful and square base is a metaphor for the act of preserving and rooting, at the same time. The ground floor will have a commercial destination; some open galleries and small gardens will run around the perimeter, filtering out street views and direct sunlight. On the same level, the accommodation reserved for the condominium keeper will guarantee security and privacy for the guests. For each of the six upper floors, a balcony is connected to all the apartments, seven on each floor; two types of flats have been designed: one bedroom with living room and bathroom or two bedrooms with living room and two bathrooms. A light-colored frame gives the elevations hit by the sun a peculiar dynamism; the recesses and the internal atrium, plastered in blue, welcome the shade and coolness necessary in these climates, as well as harmonizing, almost to merge, the silhouette of the building with the sky. Calculated openings frame a spectacular landscape, from an unparalleled point of view; on the top floor, a lounge bar, a solarium and an infinity pool will be the perfect setting for relaxing in front of unforgettable sunsets.

the building